Here you can find the latest changes by date. For more information about what I am currently working on and what I have planned, have a look at the Trello board.

10 October 2021 (2.8.1)

  • Added the season 2021/22 data.

1 October 2021 (2.8)

  • Added a modding centre where users can create and edit teams and players.
  • Added a community page where users can import and share their mods.

23 July 2021 (2.7)

  • Some adjustments have been made that should speed up the website a little
  • The penalty series have been improved: if a score can not be repaired anymore, the series will end.
  • An 'About'-page is added that describes how the Match Simulator works.
  • User gets notified when Javascript is disabled
  • Bug fixed where an own goal would show up on the wrong side in Saved Matches

16 March 2021 (2.6.4)

  • Fixed a bug where winners on penalties in a double match would not progress

15 March 2021 (2.6.3)

  • Fixed a bug where teams could be added twice in a cup

8 March 2021 (2.6.2)

  • Fixed a bug that made only the first 10 matches show in saved matches
  • Fixed a bug where match results in cup overview would not show up
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect sorting in the full topscorer and assisters table

5 March 2021 (2.6.1)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the away team to always advance after penalties in a return match
  • Fixed a bug that would declare the winner of a single qualifier match champions in cup overview
  • Added flags and icons in league tables
  • Added favourite nation and player with most assists to stats page

26 February 2021 (2.6)

  • Double knockout (two legs) is now supported

24 February 2021 (2.5)

  • When creating a cup, teams can now be imported from earlier cups
  • Home advantage can be set when creating cup
  • Cup finals will always take place on neutral ground (no home advantage)
  • Live standings have been added again for cups with league matches
  • The chance distribution now shows the accurate chances for home victory, draw and away victory

22 February 2021 (2.4.1)

  • Fixed a bug where a return match from a double match would result in an error
  • Fixed a bug where saved matches would not show up in the saved matches overview

20 February 2021 (2.4)

  • Teams now use a valid formation
  • Penalty series will no longer seemingly end at a draw but continue until one team has won
  • At the end of a cup, the champions are displayed
  • Back button on goalscorers and assists page is now displayed underneath the pagination; no longer overlapping when the pagination is too broad
  • Added a Trello page to give an insight into what I am working on and have planned
  • Commentary does no longer show 'Undefined' in final minute of the match

16 February 2021 (2.3)

  • Added national teams for single matches as well as cups
  • Cleaned up database and removed all teams that do not have enough starting players for a given version
  • When selecting a match and adding participants to a cup, only available teams will show up now

12 February 2021 (2.2)

  • Player assists are now being tracked
  • Players can get a second yellow card that will result in a red card
  • A player with a red card can not participate in the game anymore (e.g. a player with a red card will not score a hattrick)
  • Goalscorer is based on finishing attribute, meaning that a player such as Lewandowski or Salah is more likely to score than a teammate who is not known for his finishing ability
  • Penalty kicks will be taken by the player with the best penalties attribute
  • Goalscorers from a corner are based on their heading ability, while the corner taker is based on crossing and passing abilities.
  • Penalty series will now be visually simulated
  • Goals, assists and cards are now appended to a player in the line-up
  • Match result will be instantly stored in the database at the start of the game
  • Live Standings have been removed temporarily

6 February 2021 (2.1.4)

  • Added faster sim option
  • Added play/pause controls

1 February 2021 (2.1.3)

  • Added group + knockout cup format

31 January 2021 (2.1.2)

  • Fixed a bug where scheduling the next round in a cup would result in an empty match. If this happened to one of your cups, you can continue that cup!
  • Fixed broken team icons in cup schedule and results

30 January 2021 (2.1.1)

  • Added Terms of Service
  • Added Privacy Policy
  • Added Changelog
  • Added page containing all goalscorers in a cup

27 January 2021 (2.1)

  • Complete website overturned with new design
  • Issue with matches starting at the same time overwriting each other fixed
  • Live league standings in fantasy cup with the 'league' format
  • Character sets have been fixed: teams and players will show up correctly instead of showing strange characters. Note: within existing cups goalscorers might still show up with strange characters!
  • Stats and profile page have been added
  • Discussion page has been changed to 'Contact'
  • Fantasy cups that use the 'league' format have a separate league table page with additional form stats
  • Fixed broken team icons (will show up with a blank shield)

23 December 2020 (1.0)

  • Added support for squad versions between 2014/15 and 2020/21 (previously only squads of 2018/19 were present)
  • Added 'Fantasy Cup' functionality: users can now create their own league or cup using any team